Regions not displaying (static images are)

Hi all,

I just setup a layout on xibo and only images are showing when launching the client. RSS feed, Text box, powerpoint, and weather widget fail to show. I followed guide on setting everything up but obviously i missed something important. When doing “preview layout” everything shows up fine, just not when actually launching client.

when opening client information and status it shows everything as 100%

Please run Verify All from the Modules page in the CMS, then give the player some time to download the new content. Text should then start working.

PowerPoint requires additional configuration. Please see the FAQ on that.

First thing I did before posting this was verify the modules. I also let the player run overnight, nothing has updated.

You might want to take a look on following topics:
Using Tickers, Forecast, Twitter and other external resources that make use of HTTPS connections
Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player
PowerPoint manual page

If the above and verify all didn’t solve any of your issues, then it’s most likely something with permissions, similar to this topic Xibo Players not Showing Text, Tickers, Clock

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