Region Flashing (blinking)


I signed up for the demo today and installed Xibo on a Samsung tablet. We are doing a test run on one display before we launch with 9 displays. I created a layout and added a background. This works great. Once I add 1 or more regions on top of this, the regions flash(blinks) every 5 sec or so. It is consistent and I can’t figure out why this is happening. The media I am using in these regions are text and clock. Both of them blink at the same time. The background image status stagnant like its suppose to so its clearly a region issue.


I would recommend checking the Duration length you have set for your Text and Clock.

To check and set the Duration for the Clock, double click on the region containing the Clock Widget, select Edit on the Clock widget and tick the Set a Duration box. This will reveal the duration in seconds that the Clock Widget is set to display for. If it is currently set to 5, you can increase this to whatever length you would prefer.

For the Text Widget you will need to do the same, the only difference is that the Duration is under the Options tab in the Edit Widget window.

If your Duration is already set to a longer Duration, please let me know.

Many Thanks.


This definitely fixed the issue and they were both defaulted to 5 seconds. Is there a norm that this is typically set at? Does it affect anything if its set to 5+ min?

Also, thank you for the quick response and resolution.