Region background overlays layout background image

I have a layout with a few regions and I am using a background image. In the layout preview the layout displays properly allowing the background image to pass through the region. In the Windows client (1.7.1) there is a white box the size of the region which blocks the layout background.

The regions have text and flash modules.
I would upload images but I can’t as a new user.

It sounds like you’re using a PNG or GIF image as the background image. It must be a JPG image on the Windows client.

Hey, that’s great! The text regions are working fine but the flash region is still the same.

The screenshot is from the layout designer. All regions have a white background in the designer so you can see where they are.

If it’s white on the Player too then your flash object’s background is set to be white rather than transparent, so you’d need to modify your flash file.

Alex -

Yes, the screenshot was from the designer but it is the same in the client; it was easier than grabbing a screenshot from the client, very observant.

But, why does it display properly in the preview?


The Player and the preview use different technologies to do their jobs so I suspect the difference you’re seeing is there.