Refresh webpage in windows xibo player

Hi, Im using the R252 xibo player in windows.

The player is showing a webpage but I need to refresh it depends on a trigger.
How can I send a command to refresh the webpage?



That isn’t a feature yet - once we have interactive you might be able to do this. What sort of trigger are you hoping to use?


Hi Dan, I have IoT devices sending data to different endpoints.
With javascript I hit those endpoint and depending on the value I change the video or image source in the html layout.

I found a workaround with ajax / jquery hitting the endpoints all the time each second.

Do you have a date for the “interactive” feature release?

I see, so you would rather your IoT devices call endpoints on the Xibo Player directly? That will be something we’re going to support.

Interactive is quite a bit of work, we’re some of the way through the CMS changes, but at this stage its still too early to provide a date when it might be available in a Player.

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