Refresh problem of layout

Hi, I have a refresh problem on the layout.
My layout is multi regions, but only one is for video.
After play video before the next video sometimes all regions do a fast refresh.
My player is android and I’m using last version 1.7
Xibo Version 1.7.4
here video of problem

Hi Andrea,

I’ve sent you a private message regarding this issue, please have a look at it.


Hi Peter,
thanks for replay but where did you sent a message?

sorry found it
thanks again

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HI I still have this problem whit android players 1.7.R62.

Could you please tell me what exactly is the problem now?

I’ve had a look through our private conversation and there was a different problem there.[quote=“aclemente, post:1, topic:4235”]
After play video before the next video sometimes all regions do a fast refresh.

This is due to how Surface view works, you can try to change it to Texture view, with that whole layout should not ‘blink’ between videos - it’s not enabled by default, because on some devices texture view is not working correctly (it does work correctly on our recommended devices).
To change the rendering method please:

Navigate to display settings page -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> Troubleshooting tab -> uncheck ‘Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering?’

Restart your player to make sure it downloaded updated profile - you can also open status window to see if the change was applied.

The problem is the same of the first post.
I have XIBO 1.7.4 and android players 1.7.R62.
My android player is MXIII-G 4K Android 5.1.1 buid 202L1
The problem is: when timeline of a region finish and restart (loop) there is a fast refresh of region,
or when video in timeline finish before start another video there is a fast refresh of region (black fast screen)
example video with refresh
in this example you can see regions with numbers every 5 second do a fast refresh and the video region at 12 second there is a refresh of the template’s background
The regions with numbers are web page link.

Are those web pages set to 5s duration?

The whole screen blink after one video end and next one starts, is as I explained in my previous post due to surface view, you can try texture view and see if it works on your device.

It’s very possible that option to change rendering method between surface/texture was added in the later Xibo versions, we’d highly recommend upgrade to 1.7.9 anyway.

Peter is true, on 1.7.4 release there is not “Surface/Texture” option.
The question is: are my Android devices and their licences compatible with 1.7.9?
Is there a document for update from 1.7.4. to 1.7.9?

Since you’re already using 1.7 R62 Xibo for Android, you don’t need to do anything with your licences, just upgrade the CMS, for upgrading steps have a look here -