Recursive Display Group :Android Client Stuck at "Downloading" status

Hi There,
I Am seeing an issue with a an Android Device ‘Device1’ ( Android client version 1.8 R107 with CMS 1.8.9) . It was working all good for a few days… This device was a part of a display group “Test” to which we were successfully scheduling contents.

Now I had different Display Group “Group1” which is part of another “Group2”. Again a few devices are configured to Group1 and Group2 and layouts are scheduled and are working fine there too .

Now the problem statement.

I had to rename the ‘Device1’ to "DeviceX’
Remove Device X from Display Group “Test”
Add the “Device X” to Display Group “Group1”

Now the expected Scenario : Now DeviceX should start downloading all the contents scheduled for “Group1” and “Group2” ( since Group1 is a member in Group2 ). And Delete all the earlier scheduled contents for Display Group “Test” ( since i have remove the device from that group)

Actual Behaviour : I See the device still shows some videos and layouts that were scheduled for Display Group “Test” . Few of the layouts scheduled for “Group1” are downloaded but not all ! . And None of the layouts that were scheduled for “Group 2” are downloaded.

If i check the display status in the Dashboard, it is staying in "Downloading" status since last few hours..  

Any help is appreciated.


The fact that your Display is showing as Downloading suggests that the Display is still downloading the files needed for the scheduled Events.

If you select the Displays option in your CMS, click the down facing arrow at the end of the Display showing the Downloading Status, and choose Manage from the menu. There is a section named Layouts which will list all of the Layouts that the Display needs to download. Does it correctly list all of the Layouts that should be scheduled for this Display?

If the Display is staying on the Downloading Status, I would recommend checking the network connection to the Display to make sure this is not causing the issue.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,
The network speed is really good and it is confirmed to be working.

On the Manage page i dont see any media / layout in the "Downloading" status. However there are a few more layouts that are supposed to be present but they are not even listed on the "Manage" Page.. 

How do we debug the remote android box now ? Is there any way to get the remote logs ?

Many Thanks

Any help here? Still stuck … :frowning:

Can you confirm that the Display has the correct permissions for all of the Layouts it is supposed to Display?

You can check this by clicking the down facing arrow at the end of each Layout that the Display should be scheduled to show, select Permissions and make sure the Display has view permissions. Please note that you will also need to make sure the Cascade Permissions to all Items Underneath This One box is also ticked.

Many Thanks.