Recommended Player for Custom Display?

Hi. I’m trying to set-up Xibo to output to a custom display size 1024x128 pixels. I’ve been struggling to make it work with an Android FireStick and Xibo support have told me:

“The issue is your fire stick. Most Android devices can only output common TV resolutions (eg 1920x1080). It won’t be able to drive a custom resolution like the one your TV has. What you’d need to do is find a device that will output that resolution, (and then you won’t have a pink line and the content will be shown as you expect). The DSCS9 we sell won’t drive custom resolutions either I’m afraid. ODRIOD make the C1+ and C2 and I’ve heard that they can drive custom resolutions. You might have more success there, or by using a Windows PC.”

Can anyone with more experience help, can you recommend a player that will do this?


i have been doing testing with this device and it works well - comes with a valid windows license too

Thanks for your reply. I expect the cheaper 2GB/32GB version would be more than capable?

I’ve not used Xibo with a Windows PC player - is it easy to setup when running it for a custom size display? Do I set the custom display size in the Windows software first and then mirror the settings in the Xibo cms display settings?

If anyone has a guide to this can you please send me a link? Thanks.

we tried the 2gb version but ended up returning it for the 4gb/64gb because streaming videos was chunky