Recommended Android Hardware with BIOS battery >> date/time stays after power disconnect

Hey guys,

I need your help. We bough the recommended Xibo Android hardware from DSDevices. The problem is, that the OS lost his date and time after cutting the energy. I´m looking for an device with Android as OS and a bios battery on. Do you have some recommandations for me?



Hi cmk, welcome to the community!

You are correct that the DSCS9 will need to request the date from the internet when it is restarted. Please also note that you can configure your Xibo player to request the time from your CMS. You can find this option in 2 possible locations, depending on the CMS version you are using.

The first place is in the profile settings for Android, which you can find in the Display Settings option in your CMS. If you edit the Android profile you are using with your players, you will see this option on the advanced tab:

The second option is available in CMS version 2 only. You can set this option for specific players by going to the Displays menu in your CMS, then click the row menu button at the end of the entry for your player and choose edit. When the edit display window opens, go to the Profile Settings tab and you will see the option here as well:

I appreciate your message is asking for alternative hardware options but wanted to pass this on in case this also provides a solution for you.

Many Thanks.

That´s no option :frowning: , the CMS is in the Cloud and you need a internet connection to connect to the CMS. This connection failed, because the date/time is wrong.

In that case, in the Player options on the device itself (three dots menu, Settings), you’ll find an option “Set approximate date/time on start” which should get the time close enough for the internet connection to work.

That said, time is set over http not https and so the time isn’t important for getting the time, unless your network connection itself is somehow date/time critical.

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