Recommended Android client hardware

I’m going to be adding 2 or 3 additional screens in the next couple of weeks, I’m currently using Minix Neo X5 Mini’s but they’re not made any more. What’s the current recommendation on an auto power on, low maintenance client?


I have just finished working on a custom version of the Khadas Vim. My build includes a VNC, SSH server and OpenVPN client for remote management.

Hi Guru_Evi

do you have any how to´s setting up the Khadas Vim with VNC and OpenVPN?


The Khadas Vim has pretty decent documentation on how to compile a custom Android build here: -> Developing - it’s not for the faint of heart and requires a bit of a download.

I poured quite a bit of time in it myself but I can now build a “branded” version of Android which launches Xibo for resale to customers (with proper privileges, disabled popups, disabled Google Play etc etc).

Customizing Android is relatively hard and time consuming, but once complete it’s as easy as flashing the image. You also need a VPN server to set up OpenVPN against, and obviously a Xibo server, I have a VPN appliance and host dedicated servers so my customers get a ‘package deal’. The benefit is obviously a relatively low hardware cost and better security compared to some other dedicated signage players, I’ve gotten absurd quotes for modifying similar Android hardware (several thousands of dollars) which is why I’ve been working with Khadas (which is a relatively new player).

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