Recommendation - first project

Hello everyone,

My company rents retail spaces from 3rd party company. I like to deploy advising display to all retail shops.

My requirements are:

  • All images and videos are stored on the a local storage but are update remotely using xibo bring cost down on 3 party bandwidth
  • Would like use a raspberry pi to keep cost at a low
  • Device would need auto start display on restart incase of a power cut.

Is this all posbille? where would i start?

thank you in advance.

This is not possible (well it is possible, but we do not recommend or support it).

Other than this you could use any of the windows community recommended devices - you can search for this in this site - or one of the android recommended devices. Be sure to pick one that supports auto-power on.

The local storage feature you’ve mentioned is Xibo standard.

All my PCs are HardKernel Odroid C1. They works realy well, but have some issues.

To use the Odroid c1, you need a bit knowledge to burn images and resize partitions.

As Dan commented, there are some devices tested and recommended by the Xibo team. I’ve tested some others alternatives, but the Odroid was the better cost / benefit I found. Although, it is not a “official” equipment.

I assume you run those with heatsink, case and sdcard?

As you rightly say, the cost/benefit with something like the odriod c1 is a trade-off between price and setup/configuration costs.

I have no heatsink on my PCs, but I recommend to use. The newer versions of odroid-c1 came with heatsink already.

Yes, I use SDcard. Hardkerne offers the eMMC, but I didn’t test it.

The case I made by my self, because there is other componets that I put together. But there is cases to sell on hardkernel’s website too.

Thanks for the clarification - we’ve ordered a unit to test based on your recommendations.