Recommend Minix support Rotation?

Since i can not find existed Minix z64 to support rotation at FullHD.
Could someone suggest 1 minix model work well like z64 ?

Thank you for your message. Whilst I do not have a recommendation for a Minix model that would support screen rotation, you may find that Minix themselves can help.

Previously, Users were able to download Firmware updates that enabled screen rotation on their Minix devices. I cannot confirm if this is still possible but it would be another good reason to contact Minix for further information. Below is a link to the Minix Support page where you can ask for more information and support:

I hope you are able to find an answer to your question. I’m aware many Xibo Users also use Minix devices to run their Players on. It’s completely up to you of course but if you should find out any information regarding devices that support rotation or Firmware that enables this functionality, I would be grateful if you could update this topic.

Many Thanks.

did you found one?
best regards

Hi gazzer. This is not an official recommendation but I’m aware that Firmware Updates for Minix devices have previously been made available on the Minix Forum:

If you are looking for firmware for a particular device, you may find a sub forum for the model you have which may have a link to Firmware. I would still recommend contacting Minix first for support but thought it couldn’t hurt to pass this information on.

I hope you find what you’re looking for, if you are successful, I’m sure there would be other Xibo users who would appreciate hearing if you were successful, no pressure obviously.

Many Thanks.