R306.2 - "setup ended prematurely because of an error"

Hello Xibo,

we tried to upgrade our Xibo clients (Win 10, 22H2) to R306.2, but the setup ended wit an error:
setup ended prematurely because of an error

Screenshot 2022-11-18 103326

This is reproducible, version 305 works without errors.

Same problem for me.

306.3 the same problem and 305.1, 304.1 too

Not sure, if that’s the same issue or not (mine was with version R305.1), but I had similar error and it was caused by too new Visual C++ library already present in my computer (Xibo tried to install older version during installation and failed).

Same Too,
when i test in version 3r305 can instal and work normal

I can install now

Here, how i can install :

  1. make sure your computer user account control setting set to never notify
  2. in the xibo.msi installer right click > select properties > in properties select compatibility
  3. run compatibility troubleshooter ( wait process )
  4. test the program
  5. install the program
  6. finish

hope its help

Xibo released new version of Windows player. It should solve at least Visual C++ library issue (if you have newer version installed). During my testing it gave an error, when it found newer C++ library, but allowed me to choose, if I want to continue with installation or not.

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