R300.5 - missing text


we tested Xibo Player R300.5 (Windows), but the display is missing text:


And for comparision, R257.2:

We did an update (install over existing R257.2), we deinstalled R257.2 and of course we did a Windows-reboot. Always the same missing text.

It not limited to a specific layout (R300.5):


Its a Win10, x64, 21H1

Edit: Futher infomation: the “-” and the ticker below are DataSets. It seems text from DataSets are shown, but not the “normal” text from the layout.

I seem to be having a similar issue with our Windows players. On several layouts the clock widget does not show on screen anymore. Is there are 2 such widgets (one for date at top, one for time at bottom) then sometimes one will show, but not the other.
(Latest Windows player, CMS 3.0 docker install on Ubuntu)

I can confirm that rolling back to R257.2 solves the problem. All my problematic layoutsplay fine after reverting back.

We tried a lot, check-out, check-in, edited the text fields… nothing.
V3 player wont show normal text, but sometimes it shoes random fields. But never all text fields. V2 player will show it like the CMS-preview.

Thank you Gustel and nputtemans for your messages and details about this issue. I have managed to replicate this issue, which has now been reported to the developers. You can track the progress of the issue using the link below:

Many Thanks.

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