Quick flash between mp4 Video Loop


I use the Testversion from Xibo, but I don’t know why the Android Player have a quick flash (blackscreen) between the Video that Loop. Can anybody help me ?



The brief black screen that you see between the video loops is due to the video loading again after it has finished. The Player reloads the video as quickly as it can, there will be a small interval whilst it does this.

Many Thanks.

I use three different CMS for Signage for my customers. Every system has it’s pro and cons. Looping videos or trying to play videos seamless after another is one of the cons in Xibo. Also the change from one layout to another in a campaign. You won’t get it totally smooth, not even with the best android player available, I tested 5 different ones. So if this is your priority: stop trying.
But Xibo has other pros in comparison the other signage systems.

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