Quick contents transitions

I would like to know how to set up the Android CMS / player so that the time to switch between the contents is faster. For example: the time delay between content 1 and content 2 should be less without having a small black blink between changes.
This transition or entry of content is not the transition of fade in or fade out of the widget, but exactly between exchanges.
Shouldn’t it be a pre-render of content?
what changes should be made in which part of the system?
If anyone knows the solution, it would be of great help. I have been using the xibo platform for 2 years and never found out where this change is made.

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Hi Aevideomaker,

If you meant for example there is a video region with different videos showing every 10 minutes and you see a blink in between, please note a small black flash is expected between items.

What might make it slightly better is a higher spec hardware or using images/videos that are smaller in size so they take less time to render.
I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Nell,
(…) you see a blink in between, please note a small black flash is expected between items.(…).
That’s exactly what happens.
But my video content for example is never bigger than 2 minutes and the file size is never bigger than 30MB.
Do you have any indication of hardware that can help me to increase the rendering process of this content so that it reduces that black flash between items?

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We recommend getting a device that is running Android 7 and here is our list of recommended hardware : https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/recommended-android-hardware
If you are interested in getting the DSCS9, it is now availble from our shop : https://app.xibo.org.uk/shop?categoryId=6

If you are thinking of getting another device that is not on this list, please make sure to test it works well with your set up.

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