Question for the users: I need a solution for a Pi 3b

So, looks like that Xibo is the only DigitalSignage CMS that comes with:

  • a decent webinterface backend
  • that can also manage the slides/videos by time
  • which runs offline (locally)

Sadly, the company doesn’t seem to have a interest in developing a way to display the stuff on a Pi3b, neither in a player nor in a browser.

So far I can tell you: 1080p accelerated (GPU based) video-decoding works. 2D-acceleration in Chromium works, too. I even can now display Canvas-animations without a noticeable framedrop. From the user-perspective: the Pi3b is fast enough and now even supports OpenCL.

Because Xibo-guys will say again it won’t work: hey users, do you found a way to pipe the stuff into a fullscreenwebbrowser? Or do you have another solution that will work on the Pi that fits the above needs? Shouldn’t the docker-release of the Linux-player work in a docker-instance on a Pi? Thought that was the idea behind docker…