Question about harfware


i’m new to Xibo, and i have a question.

I have set up a server, and now want to setup my first screen.

does xibo works on chromecast, or what do i have to buy ?


Thank you for your message and for choosing to trial Xibo. Xibo is not currently compatible with Chromecast as it runs on the Chrome OS operating system.

The Xibo Player is currently available on Windows (7 and above), Android (4.4 and above) and webOS (see below for further details).

We do not have a recommend hardware guide for the Xibo for Windows Player, however you will likely find other users have discussed the hardware solutions they have used for this Player on the Community Forum. Whilst this is not an official recommendation, I use the Intel Compute Stick, which I have found has performed very well.

Below is a link to our Xibo for Android Recommended Hardware Guide. You will also likely find many more recommendations for hardware on this forum.

Recommended Android Hardware - Spring Signage KB / Xibo for Android - Xibo Community

Xibo for webOS is supported on specific models of LG Display. Below is a link to that list:

webOS list of Supported monitors - Spring Signage KB / Xibo for webOS - Xibo Community

Many Thanks.