Question about harfware

i’m new to Xibo, and i have a question.

I have set up a server, and now want to setup my first screen.

does xibo works on chromecast, or what do i have to buy ?

Thank you for your message and for choosing to trial Xibo. Xibo is not currently compatible with Chromecast as it runs on the Chrome OS operating system.

The Xibo Player is currently available on Windows (7 and above), Android (4.4 and above) and webOS (see below for further details).

We do not have a recommend hardware guide for the Xibo for Windows Player, however you will likely find other users have discussed the hardware solutions they have used for this Player on the Community Forum. Whilst this is not an official recommendation, I use the Intel Compute Stick, which I have found has performed very well.

Below is a link to our Xibo for Android Recommended Hardware Guide. You will also likely find many more recommendations for hardware on this forum.

Recommended Android Hardware - Spring Signage KB / Xibo for Android - Xibo Community

Xibo for webOS is supported on specific models of LG Display. Below is a link to that list:

webOS list of Supported monitors - Spring Signage KB / Xibo for webOS - Xibo Community

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Can you tell me which Intel Stick you are using and how it’s setup?

Thank you

I am currently using this model:

Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC

Once again I reiterate that this is not an official recommendation as I cannot confirm that this device has the hardware resources you will need for the media that you intend to display. I can only confirm that I have been using this device and so far have found the performance to be suitable for my setup.

Setting up a new Windows device will first require installing all of the Latest Windows Updates. Once you have done this, you will very likely need to go to the manufacturer website and make sure to download and install all of the latest drivers for the hardware.

Once the device and Windows are up to date, you can proceed with the installation of the Xibo for Windows Player.

Which version of the Player to install will depend on the version of CMS you have set up. For example, if you install the 1.8.13 CMS, you should use the 1.8.12-133 version Player, which I have provided a link to below:

If you have installed CMS 2.0.2, you would instead use the Version 2- 200 Player, which can be downloaded from the Xibo website at the below link:

Now that you have the MSI for the appropriate Player, you can follow the instructions in the Installation Guide to set up that Player:

Many Thanks.