Proof of play report probelm

I am on Xibo CMS V3 and having problem with the proof of play reports. Below is the case

  1. If a choose to generate a proof of play report for one media for one day (e.g. yesterday) using display group tags, then i get a complete report
  2. If a choose the same but for one week then the CMS start to collect the data (indicated by the gear) and after a short while the gear disappears and no data is provided
    Please see images and pdf file here
    Report files (pdf + jpg)
    (Sorry, i do not know how to paste images in the post and since I am new user I am not allowed to upload files)

I’ve the same problem.
It is necessary to proceed by schedule because the volumes can be too large for a direct display.
My problem now is that the schedules have been working for 4 months and are no longer providing results.

As if the schedules don’t run at midnight.
Does anyone have a solution

A solution could be if getting access to Xibo database and then use MY-SQL front + Crystal Reports to generate reports manually. Anyone knows how to get access to Xibo database (the CMS is on a private server without Docker)

I know with docker …

My SQL access

sudo docker exec -ti xibo_cms-web_1 bash
bash-5.0# mysql -u cms -padminmysqlxibo
MySQL [(none)]> use cms ;
MySQL [(cms)]> show tables ;



is the contener (sudo docker ps -a)

Warning: mysql -u cms -padminmysqlxibo

the password “adminmysqlxibo” is pasted to the -p

Thanks Gerard, anyone know without Docker?

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