Pronunciation of the company name

Sorry if I missed this somewhere. How do you say the name of your company. Zeye bo. Zee bo or hi bo or something else? I ask because I’m from Canada where we the letter Z. Zed not zee. But we say zeeebra not Zeb ra. We have like a half uk half american way of handling z and z sounding words

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Over the years we’ve discovered that the most commonly used/easily understood English pronunciation is Zee-bo with an American Zee rather than a British Z, and so we have adopted that when we talk about the platform/company.

For a little history thrown in, when we first started it was eX-hee-bo as a play on the latin word exhibeo. We’ve dropped that entirely now in favour of the above pronunciation - it’s much more important to us that its easy to say.

@natasha it would be nice to put up a clip of someone saying it?