Professional Design for XIBO


First of all - i want to put a warm “Hello” to all here in this Community.

Im new in Xibo - and i think a can handle install of CMS and Client without any big Problem - also i will understand how to design layouts - but i dont think they are very " nice" to watch … because im not a Designer …

So my Question:

Does anyone know a Company or a Freelancer who do professional looking Design of Templates/Layots ?

Best regards.

I also have a second question - but i put it to a extra topic because its a other thing …

Best regards

Hey @gtrdriver

I am starting up a company which offers Digital Signage Solutions for people.

We are also offering graphic design of templates and specific layouts as we have a range of freelance designers connected to us.

Write me an email on: and we can discuss your needs


just sent you a Mail to your Adress - perhaps its possible to have a Chat - thats more easy …

Hi to everyone

i dont beleve it - XIBO ist such a COOL System and even im new all i see within the last days its the System wich meets exakt to our needs.

The technical advantage and the Clients seem to be great.

But what i need is a professional Design to see whats possible.

Does realy nowone know a Freelancer or a Company who can do this ?

Best regards.

Hi there, i have sent you a personal message!

Best regards