Problems with Windows Player

Today I experienced problems adding a new Windows device (I already have 2 running) but I get this message

*we have checked Wifi and it is connected.

*we have also tried on 3 other screens without success…

I have attached a picture with error code.

HI Marcus, Welcome ! Did you try to connect via a Web browser on your windows player ?


Hi Marcus_Friberg, welcome to the community!

I second Frederic_Horcholle’s advice, please try logging into your CMS from the machine running your player to see if any errors are returned. You should also make sure that the time, date and time zone are set correctly on your machines as this can cause connection issues.

I noticed on the login page for your CMS that you are using CMS version 2.3.4. Could you confirm the version of Xibo for Windows that you are using? If it is the latest player, please can you uninstall that player and instead install R258 (Windows 10 required) onto one of your machines and confirm if the issue persists? You can download a copy of R258 from here. I would also be interested to know if the error message is the same when using R258.

Many Thanks.

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Please also check, I have seen the Xibo app to be blocked in the Windows Firewall a few times. Worth to check this out aswel

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