Problems with Nexus 7

Hi There,

I had installed zibo app on a smartphone for demo purpose.
Today tryed to run it o my Nexus 7 instead but run in to issues there.
Background of a layout is not shown and wmf Movie’s are not displayed.

Both the phone and nexus are running JB.

Any sugestions

I don’t think your Nexus 7 will run WMV’s - have a look here: Scheduled maintenance


I simply assumed that software was leading here.
Both devices run 5.1.1. But apparently that is not the case :wink:
On the Minix i installed everything runs just fine. So it is not a big issue.


Minix provide extra video codecs which Google don’t provide with the vanilla release of Android (installed on the N7) - that is basically the only difference.

You posted it exactly the right place! :smiley: