Problems with dscs9 device

Hello I just installad a dscs9 android player after the firs android box ( a minix u9 ) was stolen.
On this minix box all played fine.
After I installed the dscs9 I had all kind of problems. Layouts not playing campaigns not working and so on.
After I updated the dscs9 to android 7 all problems were gone.
So why does Xibo still deliver android devices with android 6 on it.
Only the update procedure on the website is not correct. Don’t use the usb burning tool version mentioned but download the latest from amlogic the old version doesn’t work with windows 10.
And you don’t have to use a matchstick. After pluggin in the usb cable the device shows as connected.
Update went just fine.
Maybe this is of any help for someone.

Thanks for your message.

There has to be a changeover point at which we stop shipping Android 6 and start shipping Android 7. Unfortunately it seems your device is from a batch with the older firmware pre-installed.

I wrote the guide on the website and it was based on a real flash of a device using Windows 10 and the burning tool we link to to download so it has been tested. Using a matchstick puts the device in to the correct mode to accept a new firmware flash, and so if you haven’t done that I expect that’s why it didn’t work with the software we provide.

I’m glad though that you were able to resolve your problem.

Hello Alex. I did use the match stick but the device did not show up in the burning tool. After the upgrade to the latest version of the burning tool the device already showed up without using a matchstick.
So I could flash it right at that point. But good to know that all devices are shipped now with anroid 7.

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