Problems with clients

as I was at 1.8.13 before I did a completly reset. New machine, new actual 4.0.9 xibo and uninstall all old client software/install actual windows player

So now I had the first problem with fonts.css, but that I fixed via uploading just arial.ttf. Then I have 2 layouts - 1 info layout for three screens and one welcome layout for the fourth one

the first display is showing the info layout correctly, the two other ones not. they simply don’t show widgets and not even all pictures. But at manage page it’s all completly downloaded and green. Ive already manualle removed the xibo library folder at that client multiple times

the welcome display always show only the splash screen. first it had a problem with one jpg. it was always red and didnt download. removed as well the local library often and then changed that to png with no luck and again to jpg with a lower file size of 600kb. now it doesnt even appear anymore in the manage screen and still only splash screen.

one of these display shows now everything beside of the ticket… there is just “Enter text…”

my welcome displays with the always splash screen… Ive changed it to an another layout-> it works. changed it to info layout->it works. So I deleted my welcome layout, made it new via the same template as all other layouts have as well->again only splash screen -.-
okay. looks like I solved this problem via reducing the size of that picture again. it’s now at 312kb and now that works for that display

what could I do anymore?

one more thing… I have a lot of media files used in my template. Those are all accessible in the templates and layouts. But when I click on the left menu directly media I don’t see anything in none folder. is that normal?

Too much information. Can you include screenshots in your problems?

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I left there some time to observe this at all

Problem 1: As soon as I am edit any Layout it will display the layout without the widgets. No weather, no Ticker (Enter text…), no Stock but Clock.
But some times later all of them comes again. Mostly first the weather and then the ticker.

Problem 2: On my main screen there is normally just running one layout. It’s also defined as default. Mostly it runs smoothly but just today it always changed from Xibo splash screen to the layout and back to Xibo splash Screen

In the displaylist all those displays are green and on the manage screen there is everything green as well. nothing pending

But on the main screen there are two faults and on the other one is one fault. See screenshot

No Data is because of widget 424

But does this makes sense? Becuase after a while of waiting is working for some time.

Today Ive Updated from 4.0.9 to 4.0.10