Problems Upgrading/Downgrading firmware on DSCS9

I’m trying to upgrade a DSCS9 from Android 6.0.1 to 7.1.2 but an encountering some weird problems, mainly being that the Burn Card Maker Tool software that the instructions on the Xibo site (this article: DSCS9 Android 6.0.1 to Android 7.1.2 Upgrade Instructions | Xibo Digital Signage) tell you to use doesn’t actually see the image file when you go to open it so it is completely useless and I’m dead in the water. I’ve followed the instructions to the letter so I don’t think I could be doing anything wrong, but you never know.

Does anyone have any experience using a different image burning software to do the firmware upgrade that I could use instead?

Did you unzip the image before pointing burn card maker at it? You will need to as the image is inside a zip archive.

Failing that, please use the USB method. There is no other software that’s suitable for burning the image. It’s not an ISO or any other kind of format that tools like Etcher or Rufus can handle.

The image file was unzipped and no matter what directory or place I unzip it to, the Burn Card Maker Tool doesn’t see it (or really anything else for that matter).

Sounds like the USB method is my best bet. Are there instructions for it somewhere? The article mentions it at the beginning, but I don’t there was anything else in there that says what I need to do differently step-wise.

USB does not work, you have to use a Micro-SD card.

USB does work Vishal. We’re specifically talking about a USB A-A cable and it’s the preferred way to do the upgrade.

The instructions are linked here:

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