Problem with webpage widget

Hi everyone,

We have Xibo on Ubuntu Server 20.04 2Gb RAM 40Gb Disk and when we want to create a slide with the web widget but it shows us the machine with the message “connection refused” for example with the website and the machine has output to internet completely

Do you know what can happen?

Hi fjgm,

It is not possible to view Google in the layout preview as Google does not allow its sites to be viewed in an iframe. You should find that if you schedule the layout to a player, that the webpage can be viewed.

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Thank you very much for the reply,

I am testing the slide on a windows computer with the Windows xibo client and I am doing the test with the google web and even with a youtube video but when Xibo Player runs it only shows me a black screen, it does not show the web.

I am doing something wrong?

Thank you!!

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