Problem with video Upload on Ubuntu 20.04.1 & ubuntu-18.04.5 player

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CMS Version


Installation Method

Custom install

Operating System

Ubuntu 20.04


I followed the Instructions Guide for Non-docker Installation on Ubuntu Server 20.04 created by @ciphermenial and followed all the amendments recommended by @alex.

Everything went smooth and i think the CMS Sever working Properly but I’m facing a critical Problem regarding to uploading a layout contains 4 videos. it is little bit large size layout. the Player get into the splash screen for a couple of minutes and start downloading the layout content then it transfer to No Layout blue screen. after investigating the Problem i found that when i open manage screen page the Player keep grabbing the video files and never stop the downloaded files size exceeds the original file size. and i have a notification that " Display is downloading 2 files too many times" i am running cms 2.8.3 Custom Not Docker Installation and Player is ubuntu and Mint ver 20.04.

i tried to google i found that it is somthing related to DB connectivity time i tried to execute these commands

show global variables like ‘connect_timeout’; “it was 10”
SET GLOBAL connect_timeout=60;

show global variables like ‘wait_timeout’; “it was 28800”
SET GLOBAL wait_timeout=28800;

but no luck. i wonder if you could help regarding to this error. below some screen shots that may help you to investigate the Problem

i tested the same layout on my android Mobile it is working well and everything seem Perfect as below


We don’t offer support for non-Docker installs, however, if I had to take a guess from what you’ve shown us here, I’d say you don’t have mod-x-sendfile installed and configured in Apache, and that’s causing the Player to receive old-style XMDS file download links which it likely doesn’t know what to do with.

Android will be able to cope with those.

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Thank you very much @alex for your fast response. i will consider your advise and let you know.


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