Problem with video playback on Ubuntu player

Hi! I’m using 1.8-R5 versión of player on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS installed with Snap
CMS Version 2.1.0

I have a layout with 5 playlists inside it.
Playlists also contain photo and video content.
The problem is the player does not play the video files only the images.
This problem has been happening relatively recently, before it did not happen.
Does anyone know if there is currently a problem with the video playback in the ubuntu player?

Thank you very much

Hi and welcome to the community.

Yes there definitely is a problem with video playback and we are working to try and solve it.

Take a look at some of the other topics in this category and you will see lots of video issues recently (which started happening without warning due to something - we think Kernel or drivers).

Thank you very much for your answer. We appreciate your work. We will wait for the solution. Regards.

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Hi, a solution has arrived?

We do not have a solution yet.

We are exploring two different angles:

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