Problem with update to 1.8


We have used Xibo for a few years. We encountered server problems so we had to reinstall all and we were upgrading to 1.8
The installation worked and I started uploading layouts and schedules.
I have an android mini PC and also it has now been updated to the client to 1.8
My problem is that I have a layout and a schedule that seems to work and I have contact with the client and have actorized the client.
On the server, I can see that the display is available but it does not seem to download any files.

What could be wrong?

Can you provide me a screenshot of the Status page on your Android Player? You can locate this by clicking on the screen and selecting Status from the Action Bar.

Can you also confirm if you have configured XMR in the Display Profile the Android Player is using?

I have included a link below to the Post Installation Guide for your CMS, which includes information on how to configure XMR.

Can you also provide a screenshot of the Display Profile settings for the Player? To locate this, select the Displays option in your CMS, click the small down facing arrow at the end of the display row and choose Edit from the menu. Click the Advanced tab to reveal the settings for your assigned Display Profile. Can you provide a screenshot of this page or confirm what the Collect interval is set to?

Many Thanks.