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Hello guys! I hope everyone is okay.

I’m using the manual installation of the CMS, and I came across some problems related to the amount of “ticker_” files generated in the library folder.

I have some examples of CMS with about 20GB/ 600 thousand files of this type that for some reason are not being deleted by the maintenance script. Most of them are more than a year old.

The maintenance scripts are running every 1 minute through the windows task scheduler. (I’ve also tested it by running the command manually)
The result is the same, all tasks are executed without errors, however these old files are not deleted from library folder.

I know that for every item in the library, there is a record in the database, so I’m afraid to manually delete them.

I have a solution that I would like to share with whoever finds it useful as soon as I finish: A “Batch” script that removes these old files and also their records in the Database.

My only question here with you is: What criteria should I use to remove these files? How do I know which ones are not being used by the devices?

I undertake to test everything internally in a controlled environment before sharing the result here and leaving the space open for anyone who is a user of the manual installation of the CMS and wants to change/improve this script.

If you have any other solutions for this case, please let me know!

Many thanks!

Hi @natasha !
Any tip?



When those files are cached in the media table and library folder, we set an “expires” timestamp on them. Once this expires timestamp is passed, the maintenance script will delete those files, and tidy up any link records.

So I think my suggestion would be to:

  • check in the database to see what the expires flag is set to
  • assuming its not set correctly, update it to expire in the past
  • run regular maintenance

To do the same job your script would have to check the expires column, delete the file and then also remove it from lkwidgetmedia and media.

If we can work out why maintenance isn’t doing its job, then that would be easiest I think.


Updating: I still haven’t been able to make it work without corrupting several CMS files. And I still can’t figure out why these files are piling up.

Updating: still trying

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