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I’m facing with a problem while trying to create a layout from a template :

As an admin I created a layout, with widgets, files, pictures, etc… Then created a template from this layout. With both of them I added a user group with rights to see, edit and delete. I also ticked the “cascade permission” option.

Once I log in with a user from the group, I can see the created template, and make a layout with it. However it is totally impossible for the user to do anything : Access Denied on every Widgets :

While I log with the admin of my user group : everything is working well, but I would like to permit my user to edit and create layout from my template.

Could you please give me assistance ?

Hello and welcome to the community.

Check the Page Security for the User Group your user belongs to, and make sure that Playlists is included in the Access Control List for Permissions.

Please do come back to us if you still experience issues.

Hello Natasha,

Thank you ! It did fix the problem !
I only have one thing in mind : now I can edit the layout via an user account, but still, one of my media widget (a PDF file) was not seeable. So I logged in with an admin account, went to library, and added autorization for the user group to see this media.
Is it possible to do this automatically ?
Is it possible to give full rights for users inside a user group to add/edit/delete some files, automatically ?

Thank you in advance

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