Problem with Open Weather

I recently learned about the end of life of the Dark Sky service and the possibility of replacing it with the Open Weather service. I registered in Open Weather, generated a new key and added it to Xibo’s Weather module, but when I click Get data it doesn’t return anything. I’m still using xibo version 1.8.11 and I don’t know if this works in the version I’m using. Has anyone ever experienced this?
PS: Pardon my English, I’m Brazilian.

Hi Danilo_Felipe, welcome to the community! No need to pardon your English, you write well and clearly. Plus I cannot speak or write Brazilian so thank you for using English :slightly_smiling_face:

There are two things to note about your issue. The first is that 1.8.11 does not include support for Open Weather. The second is that a fix for the Open Weather widget has been created for the next release of Xibo CMS, which at the time of writing this message will be 3.2.1 (it has not yet been released but will be available imminently). The issue is related to new API keys, so you will definitely need to use CMS 3.2.1.

Notes on upgrading your CMS

Here is a link to our CMS upgrade guides. Please make sure to make a backup of your CMS library and database before proceeding with each version upgrade, just in case you encounter an issue and need to return to the previous version. You should also make sure to log in and check your CMS is functioning correctly after each upgrade before proceeding to the next.

First you will need to upgrade to 1.8.13, followed by 2.3.16 and finally 3.2.1 when it is released.
3.2.1 will include a fix for an issue that has been discovered with new API keys for Open Weather. This issue is a link to the issue report for more information:

On a slight side note, upgrading from 1.8.11 to version 3 you will notice there are a lot of significant changes to the CMS, including a redesigned layout designer, the ability to create playlists of media separate from your layouts that can be added to as many layouts as you like, new widgets (including interactive signage support), new scheduling options and a lot more. You may find that our training courses will help you to get up to speed with some of the new features. Some courses are free, others include a small charge.

Many Thanks.

This is an update to confirm that 3.2.1 is now available. You can download the files required to install it from here. Please make sure to read my previous reply and follow the instructions carefully when upgrading from 1.8.11.

Here is also a link to the documentation for the weather widget.

Many Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the help. So I don’t waste any more time with version 1.8.11. As my environment is small, it might make more sense to do an installation from scratch and migrate the few players and layouts I have. I’ll just need to get used to the new version, as there have been a lot of changes from 1.8.11 to 3.2.1.

Thanks for the update Danilo_Felipe.

I can understand why you would consider a fresh installation as opposed to upgrading. Whichever way you choose to proceed, I hope you find that Open Weather is working once you are up and running on 3.2.1.

I agree that it’s a big jump from 1.8.11 to 3.2.1 with so many changes that have been added. All the best becoming familiar with the additional functionality and please feel free to post any issues/questions you may have on the community forum, there are many experienced community members who can help you. You may even find that others have asked the same questions already and the answers are already available.
I’d also recommend taking a look at the guides section, you may find some helpful tips for some of the new features in there.

Many Thanks.