Problem with linux player

My cms version is 1.8, windows and linux player are also 1.8. I have configured xibo player option correctly. Windows player works correctly but when i run xibo player from terminal I get error:
“Layout (XLF File) is invalid or missing. Details: home/rabin/snap/6.xlf: cannot open file.”
What should I do to get rid of this?

Thank you for your message. Please confirm the following:

  • What is the full version of your CMS?
  • What media is in the Layout that is returning this error?
  • What appears on screen when this layout is scheduled to your Linux Player?

If you can provide an exported copy of your Layout to me in a PM, I would be happy to test it on my own Linux Player to see if the issue is the same.

Can you also confirm where you have set the Local Library location to for your Player?

Many Thanks.

i’ve the same problem to fix. I think that some files in Local Library is corrupted and there isn’t a thread for check MD5 or SHA1.

Is possibile to force and overwrite all file inside Local Library(XLF,HTML …)?