Problem with client xibo not displaying layout details like in original conception

im facing strange probleme with the client both 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 , the client seems not eable to show all the layout details like in my example the shadow in the tab layout also the radius border it looks like the client is not eable to play the exact details as disigned in the layout

Windows or android client? I am gonna guess that this is a windows client. :grin:

If it’s the Windows client, you’ll need to change the version of Internet Explorer used to render your content. Please see the FAQ which details how to do that:

I’m using a windows client

In this case, could you please do what Alex asked you to do and let us know if it’s fine after that change?

Hi, I format the computer reinstall windows I update all the system all is working fine thanks you guys for your help