Problem with cached content

Player Version

The server is 3.1.1


We’re having trouble with the player caching the webcontent. I am trying to accomplish a type of dynamic conent, every 15 minute a scheduled job saves a new png file which I move to the webserver.
Initially I set up the layout to display http://servername/picture.png but didn’t really work, got cached so the first file would display all the time.

After that I set up the layout to display http://servername/xibo.html with below code which after some testing fixed the issue (I thought);


Now the caching problem is back after the weekend. I have set the setting in internet options to always check for later content every time a site is visited. I found an earlier post about that setting that fixed the issue for some ppl.

Now the content is not even updated when I manually restart the player. Nothing in the logs except the status message;
“Schedule Status: Sleeping: last check was not required.”

Any ideas?

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