Problem with Android Player Update

Well I’m using a 1.8.13 version of Xibo and I’m facing a problem that might be something old, but I don’t know how to solve it.

My Android Players get a status with an X. What real meaning of this status?

Hi Henrique_Lucas. There are 3 icons you will see in the Status column on the Displays menu:

Tick - This means the player has downloaded all of the files it requires and is up to date.
Cloud - This means that there are changes to the schedule for the player and it has not yet checked in with your CMS to download them.
Cross - This status is shown when a player is downloading the files it requires.

With this in mind, the status you are seeing suggests that the player is downloading files. You can check which files by clicking the button at the end of the entry for the player and choose Manage from the menu. Any entries that do not have a tick in the Complete column are either to be downloaded or in the process of being downloaded.

Many Thanks.

As I understand it, the player is downloading an image of approximately 1.36 KB. However, I noticed that there is an exorbitant delay in this download. Is this delay considered normal? For example, it’s been about 15 minutes since I’ve been waiting for the player to update, do I have a problem?

Thank you for your message. I would not expect the layout to take so long to download, unless there are a lot of files and media items to be downloaded as well. I can’t see the Media section at the bottom of your screenshot so I’m not certain what else could be yet to download.

I would recommend the following checks to see if they resolve your issue:

  • Please make sure the time, date and time zone are correct on the device running the player.
  • Please also check your Android player is licensed.
  • Is the layout showing a tick in the valid column in the Layouts menu?
  • Are there any errors being returned from the player in the logs menu?
  • Is there a suitable amount of storage available on the device to download the layout?
  • If you verify the modules in your CMS, does this help resolve the issue? You can verify the modules in the Modules menu in your CMS, the button will be in the top right hand corner.

If none of the above suggestions help to resolve your issue, please feel free to open a ticket on the helpdesk and be sure to provide a screenshot of the status page from your player. You can use this guide to find out how to access the logs locally or via your CMS.

Many Thanks.

I reinstalled XIBO and everything worked normally again. I’m not sure what caused the problem. I suspect a change of PHP or cron version.

Thank you for the update Henrique_Lucas, I’m glad to hear you’re up and running again. If the issue returns please update this post, otherwise I hope you can now continue with your Xibo signage without issue.

Many Thanks.

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