Problem with 1.7.9 Player on win XP

when i start player i only get black screen, everything fine on server side ,i have several others clients but i think that all others is on win 7.In setup of player i change splash screen but also that splash dont show.
I tried also older players 1.7.4. and 1.7.8 .
I get masage that is watchdog is not valid win 32 app.
Than i move watchdog to dont start with player but a i have same black screen.
Can someone help?

Could you please uninstall the player, perhaps also delete C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\RoamingXiboClient.config.xml

Then install fresh 1.7.9 client, connect it to your CMS and wait for it to download new content.

After you give it some time to do that, please show us a screenshot of status window on your player.
(press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo has focus.)

Thank you Peter,
Uninstall player,delete all xibo config.xml ,restart , new install, again black screen
i take screenshot of status window

Any reason as of why it’s 1.7.4 CMS?
Is the player in the same version?

It would be recommended to use 1.7.9 CMS and player.

Next, could you navigate to the player local library and see if everything there is actually downloaded please?
double check permissions for that folder.

Is this layout id 53 valid in CMS?

While Windows XP it’s not quite supported and some things might not work well on it (if for nothing else the lack of IE11 may cause problems), the basic functionality should work.

Ok ,
when i do update what is happening with the url path on the clients?
I did update now and I folder named with old name that i do not have to change all the URLs to clients, is that ok procedure?
Check files in xibo library - OK
Check ID 53 layout in CMS - OK (for me) :slight_smile:
I only show videos and images on this client

Screenshot of start player on problematic client

Screenshot of status when i successful start player over player options - lounch client

Screenshot of status on client that works ok

Is that configuration file fixed now?

So now both CMS and player are on 1.7.9 correct?

Are you certain that there is only one Xibo player instance running?
Could you close Xibo player and Watchdog then check that in Windows task manager and tick the box to see processes from all users.

this agents threads are dead error - it could mean that there are more than one Xibo player instance running and it creates access/permission issues. It could also mean filesystem corruption, which wouldn’t be good.

Could you also please open php.ini, find this line
always_populate_raw_post_data -1 and make sure it’s not commented out (no ; before that line in php.ini)

After that, please restart your web server.

  • Configuration file working OK when i start that exe on clean first , problem with start is only if i start player than i get error corrupted configuration file.

  • Now both CMS and player is 1.7.9

  • Only one xibo player running , watchdog not running is crushing every thime (with error not valid win 32 app)

  • in php.ini i write this line always_populate_raw_post_data -1 and restart server

Tried to start player , dont go :frowning:P
I will probably install Windows 7 on it :slight_smile:
This will be the simplest