Problem setting xibo client 1.7.5

I’ve already install xibo 1.7.5
and I found this whilw setting the xibo client.

what should I do ??

It seems that CMS address doesn’t exist, are you sure that it is correct?
It’s basically the same URL that you use to access CMS in your browser.

Also are you sure that local library for your Xibo for Windows client is in xampp folder?
Perhaps you could use the default path? ie C:\Users\<USERNAME>\My Documents\Xibo Library

the CMS address also the URL that I use to acces CMS in browser.
the default path I use C:\Users\transaksi\Documents\Xibo Library, but also didn’t worked.

Yes, the main problem is with the CMS address at the moment.

if your path after local host is correct, then perhaps try to access it by http://ipv4address/aslk
So if you are using xampp as a webserver, you can get the ip address in Windows command line (type ipconfig)

It’s critical you change that Local Library address back to the default (or another empty folder too).

You definitely don’t want the Player to try and use the XAMPP folder as it’s local library - it will delete/overwrite parts of the XAMPP install which will stop it working.