Problem Download Window - HELP

We are trying to limit the window for updating content layouts and let the “Download Window Start Time” 20:00 to 23:00.

We found a serious problem.
Even outside this update window to delete the timeline content or modify placement of regions these changes are passed to the display.

IDEAL is the player if you are out of the download window does not rebeca any system change, this can be download new content, remove content or layout changes.

Unfortunately this feature this only dealing download new content. But remove an item generates a new version of the layout file, this also should not be downloaded.

DAN, if an adjustment (PATH) in CMS. Please, I need to apply urgently.

DAN, the behavior would be the same as the equipment was without the license. We know that this online but it makes no download, no, it is not licensed in the CMS.

Changes to Layouts and Required Files should not be downloaded when outside the download window. Resources requested by the Player will still be updated (Get Resource) and new Schedules will be downloaded.

If a layout has changed (Layout structure, new media, etc) then this will not be downloaded. If a “resource” item has changed, i.e. you’ve updated some text, then this will be downloaded. The player will also respond to changes in data sets, etc.

This behaviour is by design - so that we exclude the download of content that is likely to be large, but not the ongoing function of the player.

It sounds like you want a feature to completely lock out a player (take it offline) for a period of time? That is not something we have had requested before and is not something that can be patched (its new settings, new players, etc).

You really shouldn’t be seeing much bandwidth at all outside the download window - have you measured the bandwidth used?

Hello Dan,

This case is special. I have a few points TVs in ships. They have a traffic restriction of any data by Players during business hours.

The CMS does not offer this feature, so I created a MySQL jobs that runs to remove the license of all displays during business hours and again include licenses outside of business hours.

This prevents any traffic data on the ship’s internet network. Solved the problem.

Fantastic, I am pleased you managed to solve the problem. That approach would also solve it with XMR, because messages are not send to un-authorised displays.

Great :thumbsup: