Problem displaying datasets

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Version 3.3.7



I cannot understand the remote location that I must indicate in “modify the column”, with the data that I recover in “modify the database”

or at least, an example to show me what I should put

thanking you for the help you will give me

Hi @gabinou , welcome to the community!

You could put, for example, PositionID in there and then that column will be populated with the information from each PositionID.

I apologize for my English
This is what I tried to do in the table columns but it doesn’t give me anything.
Have I forgotten a field, either in the database, or in the columns?

the only thing I see why it doesn’t work is that in this api I have 2 arrays and an object and the one I use is different

unless I am using this api with a POST and the one before it was GET

What happens if you just put PositionTitle without the ‘entries.’ at the beginning?

this doesn’t work either

in the database, mm if we do not enter the root of the data if I click on “test access to data”, it is displayed???

Is the fact that I am trying to use my POST request, the one that works in another problem are all GET requests?

Here is the documentation for the API if that can help you. Does Xibo support POST requests?

je ne recois pas de mail lorsq’uune reponse est apporté à ma demande sur le forum

What happens if you set the Data Root to entries.0

The 0 being a zero


I don’t understand where you want me to put the 0, the surprising thing is that if I test this api, it returns me data, it’s just the display in the table columns that doesn’t work

In the meantime I found a solution, I coded this api in php, I hosted it on a server and I call it via the url via the widget on xibo

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