Previewing Layout ( 1.8.0-beta )

on all browsers, i cant Preview the layout its super small

layout preview shown above (actual size)

Are you using a custom theme?

If its been built from the Spring Signage control panel you can rebuild, download and reapply to fix this issue - if you’ve built it yourself you need to compare the html-preview.css file in your theme to the one in the default theme (there are changes to the class names)

i have only edited the background for default layout

i am using xibo cloud solution, not local install

How do rebuild, download and reapply to fix this issue ?

We can do that for you - can you please drop us an email on with your CMS instance name so that we can take the necessary action?

We’ve found your instance and resolved the problem. You may need to clear the cache in your browser to receive the changes.

If you still have issues please let us know.


Thanks that fixed it

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Great - thanks for confirmation.