Preview of Xibo version 2.0


You have just announced the release of the first development preview of Xibo version 2.0.
We look forward to testing this pre-version.

However, I asked you a few months ago about the possibility of having touch functions in the Xibo CMS. You answered me at the time, that it would only be implemented from a Xibo
So my question remains valid and I would like to know when such tactile functions will appear in your V2 roadmap.
Thank you for the work you are doing…
Very cordially
Gérard Billebault


Interactive functionality is currently still under development for V2. More information regarding the interactive functionality will be released on our Blog in the future.

Thank you again for your interest in Xibo Digital Signage.


Hi @DanBW, I’ve started a new project under 2.0 version.

For the moment I just found one bug :
I want to edit display profile in order to add command on android player
When I write and save the commande line an error message appear, the commande line look to be not recorded but the command works (screen on & off for dsc9)

I was also wondering if the next update ll be possible from this version ?

I appreciate a lot the new functionalities, thank you for that !

Can you tell me when the next version will be available ?