Preview can be improved?

Currently Preview is something that allows the user to view the layout without being near the display.

Unfortunately, the preview displays what has been saved, without allowing the user to view something and then publish (save).

Another point that creates difficulties to the user are the video formats, only mp4 and webm are executed by the browser, I know that there are other formats but only those that have tested.

I think we have chance to do something difente, innovate and think big.

There are systems ready to Convert Videos in PHP, which would be of great help to the Xibo able to offer a preview of quality.

Dan, you know something about the link below?

I’m interested in funding this development, this allows a preview with all the videos running on the web and another feature that desire a long time, possibility of embedded the layout to run on a corporate intranet.


Improving the preview isn’t a simple proposition and there are many things that would need to be taken into consideration. Realistically we are not in a position to consider this work until 1.9 and the new player that will come with that version. The new player will have some web element to it that we hope to reuse in the preview.

The big issue with the preview isn’t actually video support - we could solve that in a number of ways - although we believe that encoding video in the CMS is probably more hassle than it is worth (ffmpeg is not secure and encoding video is non-trivial - this should probably be done in a client upload application and not Xibo).

The big issue is actually how to get all of the resources from the CMS and load them in a timely fashion - in the players these are all cached locally before playback - a smooth preview would mean a similar approach (perhaps a client application needs to be downloaded first? but in that case how do we launch it).

Publish on save

This is something we want to address - changing a layout should result in a draft which is kept only in the CMS until such time that it is released to the player.

The process would be something like: take a copy of the layout when it is opened in the designer, make changes to the copy, when publish is selected write the changes back to the original and delete the copy.

This makes things like “edit video, replace in all layouts, delete original” much more involved as there is another “publish” step to consider.

Embeddable Layouts

The idea of externally available embeddable layouts ( carries massive complexity because it means punching a hole in the CMS authentication and introduces many security concerns.

We are happy to discuss all of the above in more detail and formulate a plan

embeddable Layouts

Dan, the safety factor is very important. It could be something through an API KEY. Many users have intranets and want to include the player for viewing also in the intranet. Today is one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction we have with our customers.

Obviously it’s a nice feature, but without neglecting security. I’m interested in financing this development if it is to your liking.

The problem here is that when you embed the layout in the other application you provide the APK key to the public - so someone can copy that URL and use it themselves on another PC.

I think that anything we did would require some sort of single use URL to be served through an authenticated “thing”, either over the API or from the CMS.

I suppose we could also have a “I don’t care mode”.

In any case this discussion has a pre-requisite, which is a web player (1.9). We will discuss.