Preventing Deletion of Default Layouts in Xibo CMS 4.06: User vs Admin Permissions

I am using Xibo CMS 4.06 (White label - Self Host - docker - ubuntu).

I create accounts for my customers as “User” so they can manage their screens, and I allow them to manage their layouts. However, I do not want to give them control over “display” management. Therefore, I do not want them to delete the layouts I set as default on their Displays. In other words, I want to protect the layouts I have attached to their screens. They can delete the layouts they make for the Schedule.

When I make the layout manager an admin, and it comes to the playlist in the Layout, I get an “ERROR There was a problem loading the Playlist!” error. When I make the user account an administrator for this layout, they can edit it, but then the permission to delete the layout becomes active.

Can I prevent the deletion of a layout that I have linked to a display as default in the way I mentioned above?