Prepare Image - General Error, message = Unsupported Image. Unable to decode

A layout working on Windows client, CMS preview (Windows PC) but not the Android client. Images has no problem to view in graphic program or browser.

How to verify the image is supported before insert into CMS ?

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Almond Wong

It’s pretty unusual to find an image Android can’t show. Generally where we’ve seen problems, it’s with images that have very high DPI settings, or are in themselves very large.

Stick to PNG or JPEG images, at 72-96DPI and ideally sized approximately the correct size for the Players use (ie if you’re using a background image, and the Player is running at 1080p, size the image at 1920x1080 rather than something 10 times that size).

facing same issue, turned out that Bit Depth of image should not be more than 24bit, usually Photoshop saves with 32bit and android player is not able to playback.