Preloading videos to cloned PC

I want to streamline the XIBO client PC build. Right now, I am rolling these out with 40 videos preloaded. Process is to build the basic PC with a fresh Windows copy, then install XIBO, then license it, then let it load the 40 videos.

Can I install and license the client, allowing it to create the XIBO folder, then copy the videos into the XIBO folder from a USB drive(these videos would be from an existing working player on the same CMS, so videos would be numbered properly, etc.), then let it go ahead and attach to the CMS and get the layouts etc., without having to have the CMS push out all the videos?

You can certainly try that. I’m not sure what the behaviour of the Windows client is when it has no reason to suspect a video would be in the Player library already.

Yeah, it doesn’t work. Client crashed.

You could try adding the videos as local video in the layouts.

You literally just copied the video files in and nothing else and that caused a crash?

I suspect he’s installing and regging a new client, the copy’s the library from an other client thats already configured.
Saving time when the new client has no need to download large media files over wifi.

I Think he need to make a layout thats uses local files like “c:\media” and copy this folder to the new clients.

Copying the whole library over may cause problems but just the video files would be fine I would think.

It’s not a supported way to pre-load a Player in any case but if it works that’s fine.

Alex, you are correct. I copied only the video files.

  1. installed client
  2. registered client
  3. approved client’
  4. stopped network and client
  5. copied video files only from another player (via usb stick)
  6. restarted network and client
  7. client locked up pc

What I’m attempting to do is streamline the build process without having to clone machines, change SID’s and all that fun. Maybe I’m trying to simplify too much…

My process:

  1. build PC with WIn 10 Pro
  2. rename and add to domain
  3. Install XIBO client and register, approve
  4. assign default layout that contains the required videos

It would be good if there is an easier way to clone the entire build? Suggestions?

So cloning in any way isn’t supported. But I don’t see why copying the
files in wouldn’t work.

Have you tried doing it before registering the Player?

That seems to work. Thanks. We use about 6GB of video so this will streamline the process considerably.

I’m glad that worked as I imagined it would.