Preload website not working?


I would like to show a webpage on a layout. The webpage is coming form a local domoticz device.
There is a setting in the layout that says: “Preload” : Should this Widget be loaded entirely off screen so that it is ready when shown? Dynamic content will start running off screen.

It doesn’t seem to do anything. I have ticked the box, and my website is still loading some information when being shown on the player? Is it possible to change the time for this preload?

I have assigned the layout to the player, like described here.

Also, I added the layout to the schedule. But the preload doesn’t seem te be working.
The layout is a webpage from a domoticz device (Raspberry PI) which gets the status from a smart electricity meter.

Regards, Peter

Hi, can I ask what Player and version you are using? The preload feature is only supported in Android Players from v2 R207.

As a side note, you do not need to also assign this Layout to a Player. It can be set to preload (if supported by the Player) and scheduled.

Hello Natasha,

the player is a TX92 Android player (link).
The version: I think version 3 (link).

I have a short video (youtube) here. Maybe Xibo is behaving as it should?
But what I don’t like is the loading screen from Dashticz, and the slowness of the various meter readings.
Hopefully there is some kind of trick to solve this?

Regards, Peter


If you want to do some testing, I can send you the external IP-address of the system.

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter, I do know that on the DSCS9 devices, Xibo is using org.easyweb.browser as default browser. Maybe something to try on your android device?

Does your domoticz site work if you open it on the android player without Xibo ?

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