Powerpoint preview not working


I tried scheduling a .pps file. And it is playing well in the client but in server I couldnt see the preview. a black screen is displayed in the powerpoint region. Could you please help with this issue ?

Thank you


Could you make sure that you have PowerPoint installed and that you are using IE?
If you have, then preview should work.


Thank you Peter,

Yes I have powerpoint installed and also I am using IE but now the whole layout is not getting previwed instead the loading layout.gif only displayed .

What should I do ?


Well I didn’t ask if you have preview enabled in PowerPoint Module.
Please go to Modules. Then Edit the PowerPoint Module. Please make your options look like this:


screenshot by @cslaughter from another topic, but it might help you too.

Let me know if that was it, or do we need to look for something else.

As far as I’m aware PowerPoint doesn’t work in the Layout preview. If you want it to show there, you’d need to convert it to an MP4 video (using Save As in Office 2013) and then upload that instead.

It will still show correctly on the Player however if you have set the player up correctly for PowerPoint playback.

Thank you Alex and Peter