Powerpoint in Xibo


I have read the post concerning Powerpoint in Xibo, and that it get stuck on the first slide.
so, i decided to do a test (which took me over 2 weeks)
i tested several setup’s and cms releases, and players

this is where i stand now. I installed a server and 2 players in hyper-v
server : Windows server 2022 with xampp 5.6.40 and php 7.2.0 (upgraded in xampp)
server is running xibo cms 2.3.15 at the moment

player1 : windows 10 22h2 with latest updates and microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 installed
player 1 has also Office365 installed.
playerversion Xibo 2R 258.1

player2 : windows 10 22h2 with latest updates and microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 installed
player 2 has also Office2016 installed.
playerversion Xibo 2R 203 (every version higher is causing problems for powerpoint 2016 to run)

Player 2 : playing the powerpoints without any problems, even several powerpoints in a playlist are smoothly running

Player1 : stuck on first slide. then after the time that is set to play the powerpoint, it does go to the next one, but also stuck on first page for the remaining show time. then i proceed to the next , and so on but alsways stuck on slide 1

what did i also do :

  • i installed a lower version of xibo player (2R203 on the player1 : then i get white screen, no pictures.
    meaning that this version is not working at all with office o365, so, i reverted back

so it seems that there is a correlation between xibo players and powerpoint.

i have tried installing open office and libre office to see if that works, but unfortunatly it doesn’t and i am not that good of a programmer to find the code where xibo point to powerpoint.so i could change it.

so, this said… or you use office 2016 on a win 10 with player version 2R203 and it will work, or you convert to video.

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