PowerPoint display

There are a few postings about putting up power point files and info in the manual about converting to a video.

This works OK, but it produces large MP4 files - they were about 3 x the size of the original power point.

Another simpler option, that is not covered in the user manual, is to save the power point file as a PDF and then use the PDF widget to display it. When I do this, and choose to size for on-line display only, the resulting file is about 10% of the size of the power point.

This can now be displayed using the PDF widget. Tell it how long you want the overall presentation to run for, and the widget will divide this by the number of pages and advance the pages to make it fit.

This also works on non-Windows displays

Thank you for your suggestion, this will be included as a 3rd option in our manual :+1:

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